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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are both a year of biology and a year of chemistry necessary for application to this grant?


  • Yes, a year of biology and a year of chemistry are prerequisites to eligibility for this grant.
  • If you wish advice on what courses to take, forward a copy of your transcripts to Dr. Daryl Moorhead. He can advise you on what coursework to take to meet the eligibility requirements.
  • If you do not meet the eligibility requirements for this grant round, you may take necessary coursework and reapply for the next grant round starting in 2011.

Q: Do I really have to take the GRE exam?


  • The GRE exam is a requirement of the Department of Environmental Sciences (DES).
  • You can schedule the GRE at Scott Park Campus Computer-Based Testing
    • Location: ASC 1200
      Phone: 419.530.3269 or 419.530.3266
      Hours: Monday through Friday; 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
      Open some Saturdays – call for specific dates
    • The GRE tests are schedule only at 9:00 am and 1:00 pm.

Q: What if I’ve taken the GRE in the past?


  • If you’ve already taken the GRE, but it was more than 2-3 years ago you may still be able to retrieve your score and forward that information with your IMPACT application – call the office of the department you received your graduate degree from and ask if they still have your information on file and if you may obtain a copy.
  • The College of Graduate Studies states that GRE scores are only valid for 5 years. They only keep paper file copies for 2-3 years. You may call the College of Graduate Studies for more information at 419.530.4723.

Q: Where do I get my transcripts?


  • Call Rocket Solutions Central, 419.530.8700 for detailed information.
  • Due to privacy laws, you must request your transcripts.
  • Make transcripts requests in person at Rocket Solutions Central, or by mail, or fax; no over-the-phone requests.

Q: In terms of time, how long of a commitment is required of this grant?


  • The grant requires commitment of two years to complete the Master of Biology (Ecology Track).
  • Courses are scheduled after school and during summer breaks.

Q: Is there a service requirement for the IMPACT grant program? If yes, what is it?


  • Those accepted into the IMPACT program are responsible for continuation as a science teacher in a high-needs area in Toledo Public School for two years, or they must repay their IMPACT scholarship.

Q: If I don’t complete the IMPACT grant program, what happens?


  •  You must repay their IMPACT scholarship monies to The University of Toledo

Q: Is there a thesis required?


  • This program requires a Master’s Project instead of a thesis.

Q: I did not have the necessary year of biology and chemistry; if I take coursework necessary to apply for the next cohort am I given preference?


  • Those who expend the effort to take courses in order to meet qualifications to participate in IMPACT will be given preference in the next grant round

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