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IMPACT Inquiry Masters Program Advancing Content for Teachers

Links - Follow these links to apply

ü  Take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE).

-   Register to take the GRE at the Scott Park Testing Center by calling 419-530-3266. Testing times are 9:00 am and 1:00 pm, Mondays-Fridays. The cost is $140. Allow two weeks for scheduling. Official scores are sent out two-three weeks after the test has been taken.

-   Go to for more information.

ü  Apply and be accepted into the Master of Science program to be eligible.

ü  Review and familiarize yourself with the following web pages. They provide information on registration procedures.

-   Go to, the Graduate Studies in Ecology and Geology webpage.

-   Mid-way down you will see a paragraph that starts “To be admitted to the Environmental Sciences graduate program, a student must meet both the departmental and Graduate College entrance requirements…”

-   Click this phrase; it brings you to the Graduate Programs: Entrance Requirements page where you can see the requirements and more information on application.

-   Mid-way down this page you will see a sentence; “The necessary forms and other information can be obtained from”

-   Click this phrase; it brings you to the College of Graduate Sciences page. Note the side bar menu on the right; click it for the online application. Fill this out at your convenience.

-   Go back to the Graduate Studies in Ecology and Geology webpage at

-   Scroll down to and click on Master of Science in Biology (Ecology Track).

-   Scroll down the page to Option B: Coursework-Intensive (Non-Thesis) Track

-   Read the steps to complete the required forms and apply to the Department of Environmental Studies for the Master of Science in Biology (Ecology Track), Option B: Coursework-Intensive (Non-Thesis) Track.